Lisa: Oh My God, James Is so Brazen

Lisa: Oh My God, James Is so Brazen

Lisa Vanderpump weighs in on SUR's Gay Pride celebration and the Lala/Lauren/James love triangle.

Hello, I’m Lisa Vanderpump and welcome to my video blog.

Lala’s actually got quite a nice voice, I’d like to hear more of it. Maybe this James/Lala partnership could lead to something good. James needs to put as much energy into his music as he does his partying.

Oh yeah that’s really important when you’re going to the DMV, Scheana.

I knew that when I first got married that I was not going to change from Vanderpump to Todd. I like that man very much, I just...just who would want to lose Vanderpump?

I actually relax the rules on Gay Pride because it’s a celebration in West Hollywood. I want the staff to work, but I also want them to have almost as much fun as the guests.

Just because you’ve had a drink or two, Jax, you don’t have to kiss the boss. That’s exactly why I wear a hat.

Sometimes it happens when you’re behind the bar, you break a bottle or glass gets broken. But it happens a lot more when you’re behaving like an idiot.

Oh my god, James is so brazen. I’s unbelievable, actually.

Why does Kristen even need to be at SUR today? Gay Pride. I mean there’s fifty other bars in West Hollywood she can go to.

When I see James say “Remember babe? I like to get bitten. Remember that?” Who would say that? Who would actually say that? I mean…Such an ***hole.

Lauren’s saying “let it go let it go, you don’t need to know” Of course Lauren’s saying that, because it was her who did the dirty did. I think Lauren should probably have just come clean. It just always makes it worse when you try to cover it up.

Jax of course waited for James to self-destruct and he just swooped right in. I thought this was more about getting back at James than it was about conquering Lala, but I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before. Once.

This has been my video blog, I’m Lisa Vanderpump and thank you for watching.

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