Scheana: I'm in the Best Place I've Ever Been in

Scheana: I'm in the Best Place I've Ever Been in

Scheana dishes on her retro themed birthday bash and shares her thoughts on Kristen showing up uninvited.

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Happy 30th Birthday, Scheana! What was it like meeting Jax's mom? Was she what you expected?

Scheana Shay: I had so much fun with her and we've kept in touch ever since. She was exactly what I expected and absolutely lovely. How surprised were you that Kristen showed up to your party? Or did you have a feeling she would show up?

SS: I had a feeling she was going to come and I was okay with it. James told me he invited her and I didn't fight it. As long as the invite didn't come directly from me I felt like I was in the safe zone with Tom and Ariana - clearly I was wrong. 

Ariana Questions Her Friendship With Scheana Were you worried that Kristen showing up at your party would make Tom and Ariana upset?

SS: It shouldn't have affected them at all. There were 100 other people there. Kristen hasn't bothered them in over a year and never even mentions either of their names anymore. She's moved on from that and I wish they could to. Our friend group is up and down and very love/hate at times, but at the end of the day there's more love there! Everyone needs to act like the adults we are and kindly look the other way if someone is there who they don't like. Between your gorgeous wedding and your big 30th birthday bash, you've had a lot of big milestones in your life these last couple of years. How do you feel about where you are in your life at the moment?

SS: I feel amazing! This was definitely not the easiest year for me as you will see coming up, but I'm in the best place I've ever been in. I'm happy, healthy and still madly in love with my husband who is my rock and my best friend in the entire world. I can't wait to see what else life has in store for us! 

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James Lets Loose James had a lot of fun at your party and really let loose. Were you worried that would lead to a big blow up between Kristen and James at your party?

SS: At first yes, but Kristen, very maturely, removed herself from the situation the second it got heated and he started yelling at her and name calling. I was really proud of how she handled herself. I think after my last several parties and events she's learned her lesson on how to behave. 

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