Kristen Doute on Brittany Cartwright Hook-up Rumors: "We Know the Truth"

Kristen Doute on Brittany Cartwright Hook-up Rumors: "We Know the Truth"

"You don't have to keep stirring the pot. But that's Jax," the #PumpRules pal said.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Lisa Confronts Kristen About the Brittany Hookup Rumor

News sure does travel fast around SUR. After Jax Taylor dropped a bombshell that he had witnessed his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright and his friend Kristen Doute getting intimate, it was all anyone could talk about during Monday night's episode. 

Brittany has denied that the hook-up ever happened, and we've seen that it has caused a rift in her relationship with Jax. Kristen, on the other hand, said that she and Brittany have shared some drunken kisses, which she still maintained when caught up with her. She also pointed out that Jax "conveniently" left out that her boyfriend Brian Carter was also there when this supposed hook-up went down. 

Kristen explained why she thinks Jax would make up and keep perpetuating such a rumor that involved his girlfriend. "I think that Jax is a thrill-seeker, and I think he gets bored and he likes to stir up drama if there's none of his own. It did really surprise me that over the summer that he kind of took that out on Brittany," Kristen told "But at the end of the day, we can all laugh about it now. We know the truth. I really think, and I say it on [Monday night's episode], Jax, everything's going great for you right now, so don't mess it up just because you're bored. You don't have to have drama in your life. Like, you don't have to keep stirring the pot. But that's Jax." 

And the fact that the rumor has gotten all the way up to her onetime SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump (who even seems to be enjoying it), hasn't fazed Kristen at all, either. "I'm sure it's entertaining for her to hear such crazy stuff. It was actually really hilarious to watch that he didn't get uncomfortable. I can't believe [Tom] Sandoval had the balls to say something like that. I could never talk to her about that. It makes me squirm and it makes me uncomfortable to talk to someone close to my mom's age about sexual relationships. It's so bizarre to me," Kristen said. "But Lisa's cool and she's funny and she entertains it. I don't know. I think we can all just laugh about it." 

Well, not everyone's laughing about these rumors, especially not Brittany. Relive her tense attempt to set the record straight with Jax, below.

Is Jax Spreading Rumors About Brittany and Kristen?
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