Tom Schwartz's Wedding Diary: Katie Looked Absolutely Stunning

Tom Schwartz's Wedding Diary: Katie Looked Absolutely Stunning

Tom Schwartz dishes on his Big Day.

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Katie and Tom Say "I Do"

Bubba and I were determined for the wedding to have all the traditional magic but also be FUN. We wanted it to feel like a party and a vacation getaway as much as a wedding, and I think we succeeded. I'm just gonna jump around here by the way. No chronological order, just stream of consciousness. Seeing Katie in the dress the first time, it was breathtaking. I'll never forget seeing her walking down to the stream. She seemed to float down there and had a halo like glow as she did so.


I think day of, around 1-2 pm I started to get some wedding day angst. It was a combination of so much going on, lack of sleep, and the fact I hadn't written my vows. I took a moment alone and later on the floor with Gordo. Took about 30 minutes and then I felt recharged. Got my mojo back. Everyone seemed to be glowing for the two days. So much positivity and love. Every time I saw my friends or family smile it gave me an electric charge. Killed me that not everyone could be there but we had a hell of a group. One thing I've been really lucky with in life is great friends. I have so many interesting, hilarious, rock solid people in my life I can call friends. From Minnesota, to Florida, and Los Angeles.


Shout out to the band for absolutely killing it. Harbor Party is their name, please check them out if you are ever in LA. Especially if you enjoy Yacht rock. First dance with Katie was unforgettable. Just perfect. L-O-V-E by the legend Nat King Cole. I felt like we were on Dancing With the Stars and it was rigged because the whole audience is friends and family. My mom loves that show. We took one lesson for that dance, not too shabby if I do say so myself. Then my dance with my mom, The Gap Band's "Outstanding" live. Surprised her with one of her favorite songs.

Tom Schwartz's Emotional Wedding Vows

The band really killed it. Another one that stands out was "Toto" by Africa. We were peaking during that one (on life not drugs...ok maybe some alcohol). Back to the ceremony. In typical college-learned procrastination techniques, I waited until literally an hour before the ceremony to write the vows. I like to live dangerously. I knew the essence of them. I didn't really care if they were a hit with the crowd. I just let it flow from the heart. Am I a fool for not considering that I may not get through them without breaking down? The beauty of the moment really choked me up. That's about as vulnerable as you'll ever see me.

Katie looked absolutely stunning. Demigod status. As if it wasn't fairytale status enough to have the girl of my dreams standing before me, about to take my hand in marriage, the QUEEN Lisa Vanderpump, our fairy godmother, officiating, then I have my family and friends looking on from a few feet away. Plus the doggies Gordo and Butter boy to boot. Bliss.

Pandora Captured Amazing Moments From Tom And Katie's Reception

After the ceremony any lingering pressure dissipated and we knew it was time to let loose. From there on out, drinking and not thinking. It's like I simultaneously remember every second of that day but it's also a fantastical blur. The groomsman and bridesmaids looked so good. Also they were so generous and giving. MVP goes to Tom Sandoval. The guy had a solution to every problem or gripe I had. Boss mode. He was The Wolf from Pulp Fiction that we needed. Then we partied into the night. Before I knew it, I was passed out on the patio of the main house. Katie passed out in our little cottage. I woke up knowing I was brutally hungover but was still on such a high from having the best two days of my life it couldn't phase me. I was invincible.

I went in cuddled with my bub, helped her pack her stuff and mine. We had to be out of there by noon because another wedding party was coming into the venue RIGHT after us. We went to Hard Rock Lake Tahoe and slept so hard. Maybe one of the best slumbers of my life. Waking up from that, feasting and knowing our only responsibility for the next two weeks was to relax and pack for honeymoon bliss.

Bora Bora. Heaven IS a place on earth and that's where we mooned our honey. If you ever get a chance to go, please do. It's so tropical. So exotic. I pretty much start crying any time I think about our stay there. Our honeymoon theme song was "Innerbloom" by Rufus Du Sol and I definitely cry every time I hear that one. 

Tom and Katie's Personal Footage From Their Honeymoon

Sorry for the lack of flow here. It all almost still feels so fresh, not sure I can recount it coherently. There should be a rule where you don't have to have any coherent thoughts for six months to a year after your wedding. I'm not sure if they were just buttering us up, but almost every person there pulled me aside during or after and said it was one of the best weddings they have ever been to. It was quite difficult transition back into everyday grind from that wedding-honeymoon combo. 


Tom and Katie's Wedding Weekend

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