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Lisa Vanderpump Says "Something's Changed" About Jeff Lewis Recently

The Vanderpump Rules restaurateur learned something about the Flipping Out designer even more surprising than his Andy Cohen kiss reveal on Overserved.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Most home owners would probably feel the pressure to make their humble abode look absolutely perfect knowing that famed interior designer Jeff Lewis was coming over. But when your home is already on point, like Lisa Vanderpump's Villa Rosa, you don't have to get on point.

Plus, with the Beverly Hills mansion so iconically LVP, what's not to love? Lisa spoke about getting ready to have Jeff over at her home this season of her E! series Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump during an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider.

"Villa Rosa is my style. And it’s mine. I don’t think he would even design like Villa Rosa. I mean, Villa Rosa’s very unique. I think it’s probably different taste. I love very diverse design. I’ve always been about that. I’ve lived in old houses in England, an art deco house in France, from one end of the spectrum to the other. No, I didn’t feel any pressure," Lisa said of welcoming Jeff to her home. "No. I love Villa Rosa. It’s totally my taste, every single thing in it. It was beautiful, whether it’s his taste or not, I think he’d appreciate it."

Jeff was actually very complimentary about Lisa's abode in a special preview of his appearance on Overserved with fellow guest Tori Spelling, which aired on Bravo in March. He told Lisa, "The house looks great." "Thank you. So it's not the Barbie house on steroids?" Lisa said in response, cheekily referencing the Flipping Out designer's comments about Villa Rosa in a past interview. 

"That took you, what, two minutes to bring up?" Jeff joked. He then echoed Lisa's sentiment about each having their own personal style when it comes to interior design. "I love the house. I think our design aesthetics are a bit different," Jeff explained. "I'm just more minimal."

However, the most jaw-dropping moment came when Jeff shared that he had once kissed Andy Cohen. Lisa told Bravo Insider that she enjoyed hearing a new revelation about Andy after being in "the hot seat" herself so many times on Watch What Happens Live. "I’d never heard that," Lisa said of Jeff's secret. "That was like a gift."

In case you were wondering what Andy thought of Jeff kissing and telling, he told Extra last month, “We had a smooch, we had a smooch. It wasn’t deep, but we had a smooch.”

What was perhaps most surprising to Lisa that night was Jeff's demeanor. "I saw a softer side of Jeff, actually. I have to say, I think something’s changed in him," Lisa shared with Bravo Insider. "He was actually very well behaved — not in terms of being naughty, but in terms [of] he seemed like a gentler Jeff, even though he was still funny."

Lisa said that she wasn't sure what caused the change in Jeff, but she offered that "maybe it’s the period of self-reflection" during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, something that she hopes others have been able to take some time out to do over the past year. "Well, hopefully we can kind of walk together to a more empathetic, supportive brighter future," Lisa added.

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