Watch James Kennedy Reveal the Secrets of the SUR Menu, Dish by Dish — It's Pure Gold

Watch James Kennedy Reveal the Secrets of the SUR Menu, Dish by Dish — It's Pure Gold

James Kennedy is telling you what to eat at SUR restaurant — if you want to hit the spot like a true insider.

By Alesandra Dubin

Unless you're getting a personal tour from Lisa Vanderpump herself, who better is there to share insider intel from one of her restaurants than a Vanderpump Rules pal? Luckily, James Kennedy is available to do that for you.

The SURver sat down with us to provide a detailed tour through the restaurant's menu (press play on the clip above), sharing every one of his favorite — and least favorite — dishes in detail... in classically colorful fashion.

"When I'm at SUR, there’s a few things that I crave on the menu so i’m going to take you guys through it," he began — noting he's lucky to "get the discount on it" as a work perk.

Let's begin from the top. "Appetizers: Everyone's amazed by the goat cheese balls. I don’t find them that incredible."

*Record scratch*

That's a controversial opinion!

So what's better, according to James? "A very underrated appetizer that I crave all the time is portobello mushroom skewers served with roasted bell peppers, hearts of palm, tamari soy sauce — the chef puts a secret ingredient in there, and it’s amazing, delicious."

Next, onto salads: "I definitely go with the chopped arugula, buffalo mozzarella, avocado," James says. But here's how to order if you want to do it just like him: "Hold the black olives, hold the tomatoes, extra roasted pecans — lovely."

Now, it's about the pasta, "a very, very important part of the menu here at SUR," James says. "I used to like the penne Siciliano with blackened chicken — it’s got capers in it and pine nuts, which give it a different little Mediterranean feel."

But here's his hot inside tip for a substitution: "If you get the primavera with the Siciliano sauce, you’re on another level." 

And there you have the SUR menu, from an expert. 

"But as you may know — I'm taking a little break, I'm living healthy now, I'm taking a sober road. So what I'm doing is having a blackened chicken breast, and a side of spinach for my lunch today," James wraps up the vid. "So there you have it, James Kennedy’s sir menu — condensed!"

All points noted, James — thanks.

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