This Is the One Food Stassi Schroeder Would Eat Every Day for the Rest of Her Life

This Is the One Food Stassi Schroeder Would Eat Every Day for the Rest of Her Life

It took her some time to get there, but the Vanderpump Rules author was finally able to decide on her ride-or-die food.

By Jenny Berg

Don't ask Stassi Schroeder to pick just one food to eat every day for the rest of her life. Or if you do ask her, make sure you have some time to kill. The Vanderpump Rules author was forced to answer the tricky culinary question for the video above, and she had to think before providing her answer. So, Stassi, what's your ride-or-die food? 

"I really don't like this question," Stassi said in the clip above, clearly stressed by its intensity. "I'm trying to be rational about it — what I wouldn't get sick of." 

Well, we all know that Stassi has a thing for hot dogs. Would that be her pick? Nope! The Next Level Basic author had to admit that even she would tire of the ballpark snack. Well, what about the SUR goat cheese balls she so famously loves? "No! I'd eventually get sick of that." 

The New Orleans native considered jambalaya as her one food; she also mentioned potatoes au gratin and salads with Ranch dressing. But ultimately, the winner was... drumroll please... pizza! 

"I'm gonna be basic here, and say pizza," Stassi said. "Because no one gets sick of pizza. Ever." Watch the clip above to hear her dish on, well, a variety of dishes. 

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