The Columbus Zoo Named a Monkey After Jax Taylor So BRB We're Off to Ohio

The Columbus Zoo Named a Monkey After Jax Taylor So BRB We're Off to Ohio

Can you guess the reason why?

By Brienne Walsh

Ten weeks ago, a baby vervet monkey was born at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. His keepers there, obviously fans of Vanderpump Rules, named the little guy Jax Taylor. The reason? His big head. Both Jax Taylor the vervet monkey and Jax Taylor the bartender at SUR do have pretty big noggins. But more than that, and regardless of any other easily identified — and agreed-upon — characteristics, they both do look inherently charming, especially when they smile. 

To make things even weirder, Jax Taylor the monkey was born to a mother named Sassie — not exactly the same as Stassi Schroeder, but close enough to make you wonder. 

Brittany Cartwright's fiancé was pretty thrilled when he found out the news about his namesake. He tweeted a screenshot of Jax Taylor’s birth announcement, and shared it with his 290,000 followers. 

“This is amazing!!! @ColumbusZoo thank you! Now I need to pay a visit.”

The Columbus Zoo promptly responded: “We would be happy to welcome you!”

Jax then offered to do anything he could to help his little monkey brother. He wrote: “You guys are amazing... let me know if that little guy needs anything.”

We can think of something Jax Taylor can do: Raise awareness! Vervet monkeys are very common in Africa, but increasingly endangered thanks to cars, poaching, and deforestation. 

Anyone can make a difference by donating money to organizations such as the Vervet Monkey Foundation, a nonprofit based in South Africa that rehabilitates and provides sanctuary for over 500 monkeys. This might not directly affect Jax Taylor the monkey, but it will help keep his species on earth. 

In the meantime, while he awaits his celebrity brother to pay him a visit, Jax Taylor the monkey is living his best life. According to Hillary, an Animal Care Specialist who wrote the Facebook post, the little monkey is very curious, and loves to jump on logs and climb trees. He is close to both his mother, and to his big brother, Junior. If you live in Ohio, please do all of us a favor — go to the zoo, and post some pictures of Jax Taylor!

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