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Reunion Part 3

S8/EP24 |
Aired: 06/16/2020
Scheana and Brett argue over their infamous music video and Lisa passes judgment on Max and Danica’s feud. Jax and Brittany lash out at Andy Cohen and anyone who holds Jax accountable for his behavior. 43:24

Reunion Part 2

S8/EP23 |
Aired: 06/09/2020
The shocking reunion continues as Andy Cohen gets Scheana to open up about her true problems with Dayna, and Ariana reveals how Lisa Vanderpump helped her through dark depression. Stassi, Katie, and Kristen get to the root of the issues. 43:24

Reunion Part 1

S8/EP22 |
Aired: 06/02/2020
In the explosive first hour of the reunion, Andy Cohen and the cast connect from home to get to the bottom of Jax and Sandoval's friendship-ending feud. Charli and Scheana accuse Jax of bullying the new SUR employees, and Max drops a major bombshell. 43:24

Secrets Revealed

S8/EP21 |
Aired: 05/26/2020
In these never-before-seen moments, Scheana and Stassi bond over their dislike of threesomes. Dayna and Charli nearly come to blows at SUR. Jax and Beau compare notes about Stassi. Sandoval and Schwartz brainstorm titles for a potential sex tape. 43:23

S8 E20- Pumped Up Edition

S8/EP71 |
Aired: 05/26/2020
“Vanderpump Rules” gets “Pumped Up” with additional content, exclusive fun facts and behind-the-scenes insight from the producers and stars of the show. 43:24


S8/EP20 |
Aired: 05/19/2020
Lisa Vanderpump throws a party to celebrate TomTom’s one-year anniversary, but relationships are tested when Kristen confronts Katie and Stassi for abandoning her, and Jax and Sandoval face off over the future of their friendship. 54:26

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