Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Lost it Over a Loud-Talking Passenger on Their Flight

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Lost it Over a Loud-Talking Passenger on Their Flight

May you never encounter a fellow traveler like "the loud gal in 1-E." 

By Jenny Berg
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Look out for "the gal in 1-E!" On a recent flight from Chicago as part of their tour, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper sat near that most hated of airplane passengers: the one who won't stop talking at top volume. 

Taking his woes to Instagram Stories, Andy explained: "There is the loudest-talking lady [on this flight.]" A similarly beleaguered Cooper added: "People don't know how to behave on planes." 

The woman was so obnoxious that Andy feared his pal might stage an intervention.

"This lady is now out-talking the [flight attendant's] announcement," Andy marveled. "My prediction is that [Anderson is] going to break and say something... What are the chances of you saying something?" Cooper replied: "Very high." 



Mid-flight, Andy provided an update to let fans know that the loud talker had dozed off for a bit, giving her unwitting audience a break from her constant drone. However, that didn't last long. "She has come back ROARING with about 30 minutes to go," Andy announced.  

But in the end, the showdown between Cooper and the voluminous passenger didn't happen. "We didn't end up shutting her up... She thanked Anderson on the way out, so I think he may have softened on her a little bit — but I haven't," Andy shared. 

Photos: Andy Cohen/Instagram

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