“Heartbroken” Andy Cohen Ranted Over the Closing of This NYC Institution Where He Ate Daily

“Heartbroken” Andy Cohen Ranted Over the Closing of This NYC Institution Where He Ate Daily

To the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host, it represents the end of affordable eating in New York.

By Tamara Palmer

The Village Den diner shuttered on May 20 after 36 years of business in New York City's West Village, which happens to be where Andy Cohen calls home. The Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host was taking a walk around the neighborhood when he saw the goodbye sign on the door of the Village Den and got very upset. He took to his Instagram Stories to vent over the closure of one of his most regular spots.

"This is absolutely heartbreaking," he said. "Village Den, one of the last diners — it used to be all diners — is closing and I'm gonna blame a greedy landlord! Forget the fact that I order out from this joint five days a week, this is the last of an institution. New York City is f---ing going to the dogs! These f---ing landlords are driving everybody out."

To Andy, this closure sounds a death knell for affordable eating in the city.

"What business owner is going to be able to put a $7 cheeseburger on the menu, or an omelette for six bucks, or even have a menu that is diverse? What's gonna give in this town? There's vacancy signs everywhere. The rent is too damn high!"

He thinks he knows how to make it better, luckily: "The question is, I should either open a diner myself or run for mayor. That's the solution, I can't think of anything else — maybe SJP [Sarah Jessica Parker] should run for mayor."

Later that night, while in the WWHL elevator, he had one more sad thought about the Village Den's demise.

"You know what I just realized? Where am I gonna say goodbye to the people who waited on me for all these years? It's like the same group of people, I don't know where to find them, they're just gone."

It's the end of an era, but here's hoping Andy will find another diner to delight him. 

Photos: Andy Cohen/Instagram

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