Aging Sucks

Aging Sucks

Andy dishes on the Red Dress Fashion show and shares some photos.

Good morning! The sun is shining brightly over Manhattan right now (even though it's freaking freezing), but it's going to be a gorgeous night too when Jimmy Fallon comes by the clubhouse live at 11 to talk about last night's shocking Top Chef elimination. And beef tongues.

Speaking of beef tongues, I had quite an active day yesterday. Besides hosting a cavalcade of lovely women (an Oscar winner, a Housewife, and a comic) pitching me wildly different shows in my disconfigured new office, I ducked out late in the afternoon to host a panel about heart health for Diet Coke at Alice Tully Hall. Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death among women? I didn't know that until yesterday. Lucy died of heart disease!  And so did my Grandmother.

After the panel, Diet Coke hosted a Red Dress Fashion Show at Lincoln Center to promote the issue and to have a little fun with celeb models in gorgeous red frocks. We went backstage and shmoozed models Gayle King, Denise Richards, Patti LaBelle, and Cat Deely. When we got back to our seats, we found ourselves in a cluster of Housewives that included the Countess, Sonja, and Mary Amons. What fun!

We were right at the tip of the runway (insert "Just the tip?" joke here) which was a perfect spot to ogle and cheer on the women; some of the models needed confidence, and some had it in spades. My favorite were glam superstars like Miss Linda Gray (working it to a remix of the Dallas theme song), Miss Patti, and Suzanne Somers. Here's Chrissy Snow:


And here's Miss Patti:


It was a great event, and after dinner I lunged for my dvr to watch Oprah's soap spectacular featuring Susan Lucci, "Angie and Jessie," "Tad," "Luke and Laura," and "Kay Chancellor." All I can say is that I miss the glory days of soaps, that those days are long over, that Lucci was as revealing as I have seen her, and that aging sucks.

When they surprised Susan Lucci with a parade of all the guys Erica had married, it was like an AARP ad. The only one who looked good was the actor who played Tom Cudahy. And Adam Chandler, who always looks the same. And Jack, who always looks the same. I am sorry to be using character names. I LOVE me some Tad, but he looked like Mrs. Doubtfire.  

Oh and Angie and Jessie were FIERCE. I love them. The show was quite melancholy. End of Oprah, end of soaps, and of two eras...

See you tonight in the Clubhouse!

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