Are You Loaded?

Are You Loaded?

Andy's Mom always asks the tough questions.

I had such an exciting time last night; my mom texted my right after the show and said, "Are you loaded??" I wasn't (at ALL), but I was having a lot of fun!

Things started at the Empire State Pride Agenda's annual gala, which I co-hosted with Sarah Jessica Parker. ESPA is an amazing organization that works very closely with the highest level politicians to promote equality for the gay community, and this event typically attracts megapoliticos. Last night featured Governor Patterson, Senator Schumer, Mayor Bloomberg, Governatorial Candidate Andrew Cuomo, and City Council President Christine Quinn, who just might be my boo. 

All the speakers were fantastic, and who knew that Governor Patterson was such an electric speaker with such an incredible sense of humor (I didn't)? There was much energy in the room, and I wish that shmuck Carl Palladino could've seen how his inane comments last week energized the gays.  

There was a moment in the script that called for 3 minutes of "banter" with SJP, and so we came up with a little game to test SJ's Gay IQ, called "SJP or SgayP?". It was fun, and she of course did an amazing job and passed with flying colors. I did get a "note" from a sweet lesbian later who told me I didn't have enough lady-references in my quiz, and that lesbians hate the "Real Housewives." Is this true? I know a lot of lesbians who love the wives. She said I should've asked an Indigo Girls question. Um, ok.  

From there I raced down to Soho in the rain to welcome the Beverly Hills ladies to the Clubhouse.  I was so jazzed about having them all celebrate their premiere live, and they didn't disappoint. It was just nothing but FUN, is all! 

I am dying to know what you all thought of the DC reunion, the Bev Hills Premiere, and "Watch What Happens Live."   Here are a few clips from last night's show! 




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