Beverly Hills Caption Fun!

Beverly Hills Caption Fun!

Andy Cohen chooses some of his favorite viewer-submitted captions.

Yesterday I posted this picture and asked for your best captions. You had some funny responses!

steflid: @BravoAndy CAPTION: " are the one who started all of this..."

mrsgallorosso: @BravoAndy "YOU said 'who would want to watch you without Kelsey?' An-dy!" Its kinda like watchin Jan say 'Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!' Lol

CardChick: @BravoAndy "You're jealous and you're jealous and yes, even you are jealous, Giggy!"

TheAndrywShow: @BravoAndy re: photo "This whole reunion was set up to make me look bad"

reds9880: @BravoAndy "and I'm not taking a measly 50 mil! I have 4 nannies to support!"

AnaElisa823: @BravoAndy caption: "Listen to me Andy... You better start telling people I'm a nice person and I'm not delusional.

chacha124: @BravoAndy -Caption for Photo: Andy, don't get pernicious on me!!!

kjmontes: @BravoAndy If you don't behave little boy, I will sick my scary ass medium on you!

nunx79: @BravoAndy "hmmm....I wonder if I would look good as a blonde?"

jezze123: @BravoAndy. Andy stop asking questions that make me look so bad, my not yet ex-husband IS an A list actor.

minpinisland Shelby @BravoAndy "Don't talk about my tennis partner Nick like that, you women are just jealous and pernicious!"

Gail Welch Reske: "You are going to testify at my divorce hearing, right Andy?"

Belynda Murra: What you talkin' bout Camille (spoken like Gary Coleman)

Facebook User: You owe me a kiss on the lips!

Facebook User: "I'm actually more afraid of this chick than Teresa"

Facebook User: Like I said before, "I'm 30% busier than you."
Facebook User: Andy: "Wait! Did her forehead just move?"

Facebook User: Kelsey Wears What?

Jackie Elaine: Did you just call me insecure?! I'm not delusional Andy! I know what I heard!

Marlene Waeltz: You're like obsessed with me Andy!

Facebook User: You want my advice Andy? Don't wear red to the Tonys.

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