California, Here I Come

California, Here I Come

Andy Cohen is in L.A. for a few days, but finds time to dish about Thintervention and his holiday weekend.

Happy Monday from Los Angeles; I'm here for a few days of meetings. It seems fitting to be here because I am about to go hit the streets for a morning run and Jackie Warner is on my brain and L.A. is her town and tonight is a new episode of Thintervention and so all roads lead to Jackie, is all.

Since the day Work Out went off the air, I have been getting e-mails and tweets and all forms of communication from people wanting to know when the heck Jackie would be returning to Bravo. So it finally happened after we spent a couple years developing something that would be perfect for Jackie. This one represents Jackie at her best: changing people's lives. It's partially what she was doing on Work Out with her SkyLab program but it's more intense, more fun, and at times just plain deep. It's got a lot of heart and a lot of humor, with a lot of real information built in. Jackie is tough, but great at what she does and quite compelling to watch.

The weekend was good. Friday was Yom Kippur and so it was a very early dinner before a fantastic service at Congregation Beth Simchat Torah. Saturday was a quiet day of fasting and lulling around before a bacchanalia breakfast at the Levys on the Upper West Side. (Yes at THE Levys on the Upper West Side; I am quite sure there is only one family up there with that name.) After stuffing ourselves, we went to Bedlam in the East Village, which is a really great mixed bar that a friend opened and I am really digging. He is going to let me dj there one night, which will be a bucket list moment for me. I love dj-ing in my home or in my mind, so this should be interesting. I'll let you know when and if it ever happens.

Yesterday afternoon on the flight I got a ton of work done, including watching two episodes of RHATL, which were OFF THE CHAIN, and the finale of D.C. Wives. The rampup to the end of that show is quite gripping. I was concurrently transfixed by the hairdo of the gal seated across the aisle, a true beehive sprayed and teased to the heavens. I was trying to maneuver a picture on and off for much of the ride, but was unsuccessful. I can't get the 'hive out of me brain! She was in her early 60s, I'd say, and changed into some sort of a sequined housecoaty kinda top before landing in L.A. That 'hive had places to GO in L.A.! I can't stop thinking about her....

I was too jammed up to blog on Friday morning, but I would've certainly written about what a blast Watch What Happens Live was on Thursday night. Cat and Ramona together were as surreal and amazing as I'd expected. I think Ramona met her match with outspoken Cat.


At one point on the show, Cat said she'd heard that Diane Dimond, who wrote a book about the Salahis, has actually been financing the couple. I got an e-mail after the show from Ms. Diamond saying that the Salahis received no money from her. I read the book on the plane to prep for the reunion; there is much to discuss.


Did you see Ramona and Cat "debate" each other? It was pretty entertaining! Watch, and have a great day:

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