Caption This, 90210!

Caption This, 90210!

Andy shares some of his favorite captions for his reunion photo. 

So what did you think of Part 1 of the reunion last night? Some of you think I was too tough on Camille and too soft on Taylor. I wonder... Yesterday I posted this picture on Facebook and Twitter and asked you to give me your best caption.

Here are my favorite captions:

Saffta Phyllis Pressman Coh: Andy and his 90210 Harem

Facebook User: Andy Cohen visits Madame Tussauds Wax Museum of Beverly Hills.

Facebook User: Andy with his Cougar Candy...

Michelle Willis: Trapped on witch mountain!

Facebook User: Andy Cohen...the only movable face in the bunch.

Stephanie Mondello: Andy and his Sister Wives of Beverly Hills.

kosankej kosankej: Say Harry Winston!

Carol Odum Lindquist: Oh crap, I think I sat on Giggy!

Donna Johns: OK, Jiggy, press the red button NOW!

Julie Philip: Andy's purple funhouse.

Alicia Martinez King: No one puts "Andy" in the corner...

Thomas Purdy: The Gayboy Mansion :)

Valerie Manzo-Blume: Please Don't Feed The Animals

Michelle Moss: Andy's gettin' Giggy with it!

Tony DiPisa: We only got one male escort?

Elly Craig: Andy in a "Purple Haze"

Facebook User: Andy and the Argonauts!

Facebook User: Thanks to Adrienne for letting us film in her spare living room!

Chris Rodda Davis: I think I may take a dip in the Lady Pond!!!

Facebook User: The interview that Barbara Walters never could get.

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