Catching Up on Oprah

Catching Up on Oprah

Andy gives us his thoughts on Oprah's final season.


Tonight I will be joined by one of my favorite Gingeys, "Modern Family" star Jessie Tyler Ferguson along with one of my fave fashionistas, Brad "Rachel Zoe Project" Goreski. So it'll be six balls in a room dissecting the housewives and more. We have a lot of fun stuff planned, so buckle it up. 

Speaking of fashionistas, this morning I had breakfast with Isaac Mizrahi at Maialino and we broke the shiz down in a big way. I hadn't known that Maialino serves breakfast, but Isaac was right to direct us there because it is a great spot to start your day! Perfect light and great food. Both Isaac and Iman are on twitter and their tweets keep me laughing at odd hours. Another great fashionista to follow is DVF, she has something to say 24/7.  

I have spent the last couple late nights catching up on a backlog of "Oprah" episodes on my dvr. Wow -- so much has been happening, and this week has been BIG! I loved the talk show reunion yesterday, and that Oprah gave it up in a big way to King Phil Donahue. That man is a genius. I thought Ricki was so great, too. Sally Jesse seemed like a nutbag, didn't you think? The Katherine Jackson interview was great, Oprah at her best. I thought she rode the line well the whole time, respectful but pushing for answers and she called Joe Jackson on some stuff. I am halfway through George W's hour, and it was upsetting me too much so I had to turn it off. I appreciate his honesty and he seems likeable, I just can't is all. I'll finish watching later. Marie Osmond is today and I might actually have to watch between work and tonight's "Watch What Happens Live."

I didn't get into Oprah's camping trip with Gayle too much; I enjoyed their car trip better and this one seemed way un-spontaneous. I did decide that if I were to go camping, I would rather go with Gayle than Oprah. Gayle

was a lot more FUN. Maybe Oprah had a lot on her mind, I dunno. Did you see the episode with Susan Boyle and Debby Boone? Susan B's voice is pretty special, I must admit. As for her interview, I really felt for her. She spoke about how she was bullied, and it was heartbreaking. The interview was very edited, and I suspect that there is something off with her and she does her best. I can't imagine the pressure she's under. Was Debby Boone lip synching, by the way? Does anyone know? I need to know. 

I loved the teen idols episode, and now the only cute Backstreet Boy is Nick Carter. Kevin used to be the cute one, but I don't know where his chin went! Oh, that is not Christian of me. I like them all though. What the hell am I going to do when Oprah leaves the air, and I don't see her clumsily trying to sing along with lyrics...?  I liked Oprah with Jackie Jackson, but I don't believe that was a surprise. I'm a skeptic! I wonder if Oprah could get *NSYNC to reunite...? 

Going back even further, the Ingrid Bettancourt story was great. I watched most of Ricky Martin and he was awesome. Oprah really gave it up about the book and how incredible it is! Could it be that great? I might need to skim it. I didn't watch Portia de Rossi, I am not really interested in her particular battle. There were some other hostage and survival hours that I didn't watch. I also didn't watch the Tyler Perry hour, but I respect the guy for coming out with that horrible story. I haven't watched the "Love Story" or "Sound of Music" or 200 molested men reunions.  

See you tonight at 11!

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