Crispy Goodness

Crispy Goodness

Andy's totally crushing on Florencio Avelino.


It is a crispy fall day in Manhattan. The sun is shining and everybody is a little crackly. Tonight's "Top Chef: Just Desserts" challenge is one of my favorites -- they have to make edible sweet dresses. It is superfun to see and just might make you hungry for some chokkie.

I got so caught up with the miners last night that I could barely sleep. How exciting! And tearful! I had to turn off CNN after Anderson handed off to Larry King, who was ranting like an idiot about Sepulveda being the name of a major street in LA and blah blah blah talking over images that didn't need stupid commentary. The rescues themselves were so chilling and exciting and emo. And I want dibs on a date with Florencio Avelino (if he ever wants to head in another direction.)

Florencio, call me!

I don't have much else to say today -- I have been working like crazy this week. When I haven't been working on Bravo stuff I've been working out. And I am so hungry as a result. 

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