Cuchi-Cuchi Charo!

Cuchi-Cuchi Charo!

Andy shares his love for Mark Consuelos, nude illusion tops, and Charo.

I am on a plane to Los Angeles, and maybe the six hours in the air will be enough to help me recover from the burst of energy and boobs otherwise known as Charo. Charo busted into the Clubhouse at the end of the show to surprise my guests and to totally kind of freak me out in a good way. From starting the show with Mark Consuelos serving drinks, to Lea's nude illusion top, to Charo and Adriana discussing turning me straight during the After Show, it was a really fun night. 

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa came by after a party, and I was so glad he agreed to make a cameo with a tray of mojitos as the hottest Latin in all the land. I love that Adriana started in on him for a kiss; she is a firecracker! Kelly is such a Charo fan that she literally seemed agape at the entire affair. After the show we went to the Cubby Hole, which was packed. Mark posted this pic, and I asked for captions. You are funny!


@brentasims: All aboard the Love Boat

@howthestorywent:  Andy's somewhat misguided first attempt at ventriloquism also proved to be his last

@ceterababe123: Charo says, "Mr. Andy, get ready for a cuchi-cuchi lapdance!" :):) 

@cristina_alyssa: I think she wants to audition to be another Miami housewife... 

@1MJ: Cuanto tiempo aqui con este muñeco? Aye dios mio. 

@ginordlund: Post-traumatic Charo disorder 

@mrpacs: joo like my coconuts Ahn-dee?

@Louie_Kapoohy 1: cuchi cuchi cuchi

@gazoo987: Look, how nice! Both sets of twins are getting a lift.

@cambridgegirl: Andy thinking "Please don't touch my junk, please don't touch my junk, please don't touch my junk!"

@MimiBalh: What? You no wanna the lap dance you paid for? What'sa you problemo?

@KiltedKrew: That's not a REAL Andy. Thats a blow up doll OF Andy. Why am I the only one who noticed that? :>)

@panthergrrl: Charo visits Madame Tussaud's

@SnuckumzGranera: Charo: Is that a chair? andy: Ummmm hi charo...what are you doing here?

@PegWard: "I haven't had this much fun since I was married to Xavier Cugat."

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