Emmy Winner Tonight

Emmy Winner Tonight

Andy Cohen still can't believe we won an Emmy.

Tonight, the Emmy winner for Outstanding Competitive Reality Show Top Chef is back with a new episode at 10 Eastern. I just want to keep saying "Emmy" whenever I say Top Chef because I still CANNOT BELIEVE IT.  What an UPSET!!!!

Everyone in the Top Chef  family is still pinching themselves; the Emmy hangover has not worn off.  I don't know if it will EVER wear off. IF in the SLIM chance Amazing Race had not won the other night, I think our bet was on American Idol to take it home. Idol has never won and with Simon leaving, it just seemed like a foregone conclusion.  

I am still banging my head against a wall that I couldn't be there to celebrate with the TC family. URG. If you know me, you know that I hate to miss a party, and I ESPECIALLY hate to miss one in which we're being celebrated! And I DOUBLE ESPECIALLY hate to miss partying with the Top Chef team, who are the most fun group to tip one back with that you can imagine. We have had many late nights over seven seasons.

There is an amazing "Backstage at the Emmys" video available online where you can see the reaction in the Emmy Control room when Top Chef wins. The whole room breaks into applause. I have to imagine they're not only clapping for the show, but also because as TV producers they know that an upset is 'citing.  Anyway, it is cool that the whole room clapped....

And there are only three more episodes left of this season, plus the reunion. Tonight, Anthony Bourdain is there to help determine which four chefs move on to the next round in Singapore. It is a big episode.

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