Everything's Coming Up Jimmy

Everything's Coming Up Jimmy

Andy Cohen talks Jimmy Fallon, reconfiguring his office furniture, and dispels Housewives rumors.

Tonight, Jimmy Fallon comes to Top Chef for an unforgettable challenge that brings his whole family together for his birthday party, catered by the Top Chefs! It is really funny, and the challenge reveal is one of the best. And don't forget he's on WWHL tomorrow night.

What did you think of our tour of the office yesterday? Anthony and I are befuddled about the whole thing. I think we are in shock. We miss the 8th floor. Anyway, we love it also, because it's great being on the same floor as everybody from Bravo. Yesterday, Lauren Zalaznick walked into my office while I was out somewhere and told Anthony that all my furniture was in the wrong place. Sadly for me, she was right.

So today we're moving the desk and couches and essentially switching everything around so that I can sit at my desk and look at Central Park. Isn't that what a Central Park view is for? I wonder if I will hate the new configuration, and then want to switch it back. There is a decent chance that will happen.

Yesterday I had lunch with Harper's Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey at Robert, which is a supergroovy spot on top of the Design Museum at Columbus Circle. I had never been, but I need to go back, and you need to check it out. It's a very cool room and great food. The Countess came by in the afternoon and played me some mixes of her new song. It's a jam. On that tip, last night I watched two episodes of The New York Housewives, and I am pretty excited for you to see their new season. Yes, we delayed it, but it's better than ever.

It has been a week of idiotic rumors surrounding the Housewives that keep getting reprinted and repeated. I will tell you that none of them are true.  Why would Camille Grammer come on the NY Housewives? She doesn't know them, and she doesn't live in New York. Why would Heidi Montag join the Beverly Hills cast? So I can stick a knife in my eyeballs and hurl myself off a building? OY VEY.

Did you see Oprah yesterday? It was about these twin girls who were raped for years by their two brothers and father and the mom did nothing. It was awful.

Today, Lady O has La Looch and Angie and Jessie and a ton of soap legends from "the day." So it will be super-awesome and there will be parts that will be super-depressing; because that moment in time has passed and all the soaps are dying. OK I have a nutso day that will end at the big Red Dress fashion show at Lincoln Center. Will I see you there??

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