Everything's Coming Up 'Top Chef'

Everything's Coming Up 'Top Chef'

Andy Cohen is beyond excited for everything 'Top Chef' going on today.

It's a big day at Bravo, with the finale of Top Chef and with America celebrating the premiere of Top Chef Just Desserts with free goodies all over the country. Follow @Bravotv on Twitter to find out where to get your free dessert today!

The Singapore finale of TC is really dramatic and surprising, with -- according to the judges -- one of the best (if not the best) finale meal in the history of the show. The Bravo Talk Bubble will be hosting a big party RIGHT HERE, with the judges, cheftestants, and more interacting live during the show, so join!

I am so excited about Just Desserts not only because we finally get to see darling Gail Simmons host her own show, but also because the show is great and one of the gayest we've ever done (THAT is saying something), and pastry chefs are d-r-a-m-a. Who knew!?

In all seven seasons of Top Chef, I have never gotten hungry watching the show. I guess I have a massive sweet tooth (well I don't have to guess, I DO) because I get famished watching the dessert version. Tell me if you agree. 

Anyway, enjoy the shows and as always let me know what you think!

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