Good Morning

Good Morning

Andy dishes on the scandalous call from Lea Black and last night's Jackhole.

I am running and gunning today, so I gotta make it fast... Here's what you need to know: 

1. New episode of 'Top Chef' tonight -- the last set in NYC for this season -- that features the remaining chef's families and a shocking twist for two of the chefs. It is an emotional episode. 

2. We wound up doing my wraparounds for the Watch What Happens Live: Atlanta Housewives clipfest live last night.  It was so fun re-living D'Wheelbreaker, Atlanta or A-man-ta?, and Nene or NoNo. I love the stupid games we play. 

3. Did you happen to catch Lea Black calling into the Clubhouse last night and reading Cristy? She called her a $1,000 hooker on live TV! Here's the clip...

4. And you may have heard about some comments I made on 'Morning Joe' that put me in the front of the Jackhole line in a week that had no shortage of them...


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