Happy Hump Q/A

Happy Hump Q/A

Andy Cohen answers his Twitter followers' questions about the Housewives, his underwear preferences, relationships status, and more!

Good day, everybody. It's snowing in NYC, and I am grateful to not be any part of it. I'm back in town Saturday and I want that stuff GONE... off the ground... put A-WAY! Do you get my drift?

I don't have much to say so I just tweeted asking for questions..

@darcyb511 asked if I have a boyfriend. The answer is NO. And I need one.

@jthrasher wants to know if I wear boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. I wear either boxers or briefs. I am not a big boxer-brief guy.

@daralaine asks if I would give Allison Dubois her own show. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing more of that lady, but nothing is planned.

@EventFlirt wants to know if we can have lunch and pick my brain. I am up for auction at the Bailey House fundraiser happening soon; you can bid on lunch with me and the money goes to a great cause! Check it out online and bid.

@cpetty08 asked me why Taylor continues to think she's innocent in the fight with Kim at her party. Taylor told me on WWHL that she was just trying to put it to bed and didn't expect it to escalate. So that's her POV....

@nitsirkschnee "Who is your favorite housewife?" I love them ALL!!! How could I choose one???

@balibod "why do you always hold your little card on the side of your chair on watch what happens? Are you trying to hide it?" Those are my question cards that my producers hand me all during the show. They contain what you're tweeting and texting to ask. I just need a good place to put them.

@VintageLadee said "Were you happy with the out come of the fashion show?" I was really happy with it!? Were you??

@jillzjewels: "how did you and mark and kelly meet and how long have you known them?" We met at Bryant Gumbel's Christmas party about four or five years ago.

@thanh7 "do you ever have time off? Ur like a verison of ryan seacrest, but BETTER! What do you like to do when ur not working?" Wow thanks. I do get time off and I love a beach. Any beach.

@amidealist wants to know "is SJP really as lovely in person as she seems?" Believe it or not she is more lovely than you can imagine.

@TheMoInMontrose says "will you come to houston and kiss me?" If you have a plane ticket and don't have bad breath.

@robyninrealtime "why does brave not have footage of kim's comment to camille which started all the drama?" It happened off-camera.

@Suzettemarie569 "will there B another season of NJHW & will Danielle S. continue the show. Also will OCHW have another season if so when if not Y?" There will be another season of Jersey and Danielle is not returning. Orange County ladies return in early March!

@tlt65 "We love St. Louis. How often do you get back there to visit?" Twice a year.

@budsfirst "Where do you get your haircut?" Tonee Ferringo has cut my hair for 15 years; he works out of his home.

@NicoleRSteinke "Favorite designer?" For men, Ralph Lauren!

@emiller514 "How did you get your start?" I had five or six internships in college and my last was at CBS News in NYC, where I got a job on the assignment desk right after I graduated  I stayed there for 10 great years.

@cchllover "dont u just hate when ur playin a game on Watch What Happens Live but the celebrity messes it up by taking too long to answer?" Ha Ha! It actually does stress me out quite a bit because the show is live and kind of short, so I want to get through as much as possible.

@kbethel "luv u. But curious why you were grumpy with Taylor and Adrienne the other night?" Was I?? The show was so serious, I think I was just trying to not be too enthusiastic because the show was so heavy and they were feeling heavy.  Our audience in the studio was kind of blue that night too...,

@jsully69 "ok You a top or bottom?" You're funny, but I ran out of time!!!

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