Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, Andy Cohen gushes about the Grammys, Fashion Week, and an awesome pillow!

Happy Love Day, everybody! I'm in the greenroom of TODAY getting ready to go on with Hoda and Kathie Lee. This is going to be a great week because I'm starting it here, and ending it here on Friday when Kathie Lee is on vacay and I get to co-host the whole hour with Hoda-lay-he-who. How fun will that be!? Fun, is the answer.

Last night was so great. I watched the first 90 minutes of the Grammys and then was full-on Bravo as we welcomed Cynthia and Peter to the clubhouse after the reunion. I thought the reunion turned out great and was lol funny sometimes, mainly due to the looks on everybody's faces. We made a hilarious remix of Kim and NeNe's facial expressions during the reunion that killed me. (We're putting it online today.) Jeff Lewis' cameo was a Valentine's treat and watch the After-Show for Jenni's live rendition of our theme song, and her simulation of Lady Gaga's egg. Speaking of Gaga, I loved Anderson's 60 Minutes piece, and it got me all hopped up for her Grammy performance, which wound up being very "Blonde Ambition" meets "Express Yourself." In other news, I was happy to see that Aretha has lost some weight. I really hope she's on the mend.

It's Fashion Week in NYC and I partook over the weekend. Saturday afternoon was Prabal Gurung's show which was a red and fresh and love-themed bouquet of glam popping down the runway. I was seated next to a gorgeous gingey starlet named Jessica Chastain who has five movies coming out this year including The Help, one with Brad Pitt, and Ralph Feinnes' Coryalaneus. I am sure in a year I'll be saying "OMG I can't believe I sat next to her. At that fashion show." Anyway she's great and so is Prabal.

I was inspired and headed straight to Hugo Boss where, among other things, I got this supercool pair of purple loafers. I wore them on the show last night. I'm obsessed....

On Sunday it was DVF, and it was a blast. She had mirrored posts scattered on either side of her runway, and when the music started thumping at the show's start, the posts started twisting in the lights, creating an illusion that you were inside a disco ball - or at least inside the best disco in town.  (I love a disco, and a disco ball...) The clothes were fantastic and beyond Fergie, it was wall to wall to wall of fashion Glenda Bailey,  Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia and on and on and on. A very cool show.

I got the most amazing Valentine's present from some women in Chicago. Check this out, they made me a pillow with my initials (through a company in Chicago called Ticche and Bea) and in the AC are pictures of almost every guest we've ever had on Watch What Happens: Live! How awesome is that!?  So thank you ladies and I appreciate being your gay husband.


Have a great day everybody..

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