Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

The day started off bleek, but has really picked up.

The day started crappy, and now it's sunny. Concurrently, I woke up hungover, but boxed for an hour and am now busting out with energy. Last night was dinner at Perilla, Harold Dieterle's restaurant in the Village. I hadn't been in at least a year, and I am happy to report that not only was it a fantastic meal, but every damn table was full. The place was jammed. I am so happy for our very first Top Chef.

Tonight is the supersized finale of D.C. Housewives followed by a supersized Watch What Happens Live featuring the Salahis and NeNe Leakes. This is, of course the huge episode where the Salahis go to the White House and the other Housewives go bats--- crazy about it. There's much to discuss tonight, and even moreso at the Reunion, which will be two parts starting next week. They are ELECTRIC shows.

The Salahis are mourning the loss of Tareq's father, but have decided to come on the show despite their trajedy. We wish them well in this sad time.

I love The New York Times, but the reviews can be so irritating and confusing. I like reading some sort of opinion-based reportage, as opposed to just reportage mixed with murky metaphor and confusion, which is what I find a lot of NYT reviews to be. I'm reacting to the great Jon Pareles' review of Roger Waters in this morning's paper. The NY Post's Dan Aquilante says it was the best concert he's ever seen. I have no clue what Pareles thought of the show, except that it was maybe heavy-handed messaging and the sound system was good. He can't have been that blase about it, can he? 

Clearly this is my own issue to sort out. I don't mean to bother you with my problems. See you tonight at 10:15!

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