Home Again

Home Again

Andy Cohen's back in New York and recapping his quick trip to L.A.

I am back in NYC (did I ever leave?), and ready for tonight's nonsense, which will come in easy-to-swallow caplet form at 11 p.m. when Adrienne Maloof and Lance Bass join me in the Clubhouse. I swear I'm not leaving until Lance puts an *NSYNC reunion in the books. I may just hijack the airwaves until we get Timberlake to put a date in his packed schedule.

I had a fun brunch with Rachel Zoe and Rodger yesterday at the Soho House in L.A.They walked in looking like Sonny and Cher, which just cracked me up. Being preggers totally suits RZ -- she is the picture of health. They seem really happy and their energy was infectuous.
Apparently everybody in NYC has a cough. That's according to my bozo driver last night. And as I was counting the reasons that he was bugging me on the way home from JFK, I somehow started coughing. So that was a Jedi Driver Mind Screw and now I'm coughing.

Did you like Top Chef last night? People on Twitter seemed really surprised at the eliminated chef. What becomes clear as the season goes on is that EVERY elimination becomes a surprise because the chefs are so good, and made it so far on their respective seasons. There are many shockers to come....

See you tonight at 11.

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