Andy reveals that a very special guest was in the audience last night. 

The week of live shows continues tonight with Tom Colicchio and Amy Sedaris live after a 'Top Chef' double elimination! Sedaris KILLS ME! I am so excited...

Man did I love sitting between those two titans of fashion! DVF and Iman were on their A-game and they have an answer for everything. You could tell in the first ten minutes of the show how nervous I was. I had a bunch of friends in the audience and a buddy of mine brought HIS buddy John Mayer to watch the show. Yes, John Mayer. He's a nice guy and seemed to love the show.  

DVF had just returned from China on Monday so I can't imagine what kind of jetlagged haze she was in. I cannot thank her enough for coming to play. And what about the Justin Beiber doll dressed in a DVF dress?

Andy: What's a great low fat snack?

DVF: Toenails?

Andy: What's one thing a woman in her 30's should never wear?

DVF: Diapers

Andy: What do you sleep in?

Iman: David Bowie

I mean!?!?!??!

Here are some clips from last night:



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