Icy City

Icy City

Andy Cohen makes the most of his subway trip.

It is an ice bucket in Manhattan today, which is reminding me of the sheet of ice that blanketed us for the Atlanta Reunion Taping. (It felt kinda icy inside too, come to think of it....)

I'm writing this from the M train to Rockefeller Center. As cold as it is outside, it is like a sauna in here. I am shvitzing like a whore in the Bravo Clubhouse. The dude next to me is playing some circle game on his iPhone that looks quite compelling. He is bumping into me with abandon which either means he's into me or the game. I be-weave it's the latter. FINE, I'm not into YOU, either...you BUSINESSMAN! You FILTHY ROTTEN businessman.

Don't mind me I am just lettin' off a lil subway aggression. It happens, OK??? I have to calm down because I am having lunch with Iman in a few hours, and if I go in with a nasty face she is liable to rip my skin off and use it as a pita for her protein.

Tonight's Beverly Hills Reunion is white hot, with Camille and Kyle rehashing the Dinner from Hell, Lisa and Ken with the story behind Cedric's stormy departure and a look at where Cedric is now, and the sisters going ultra deep about their relationship and shocking fight that ended the season. The show is supersized on account of all the extra emotion and drama. Will you let me know what you think?

OK, the train is pulling into Rock Center. I gotta fly. Have a good one.

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