In Atlanta

In Atlanta

Andy Cohen finally made it to his destination.

Your sweet prayers worked; I made to yet another icy part of the country. I'm in Atlanta to reunite the ladies and it was one massive 24-hour pain in the ass to get here. I spent the day yesterday trapped in a Hilton Gardens Hotel somewhere outside Birmingham, Alabama with roads to the ATL shut down. We finally found a little plane that would take me to Georgia in what was both a smooth and mildly terrifying adventure.

Man is this city unequipped to deal with this weather. I guess there are no plows or salt, so everything seems to be one big sheet of ice.

So today we tape with the women and will hopefully get a show that was worth a huge amount of effort from the folks at True Entertainment and the ladies! I am excited.

So follow me on twitter @bravoandy and I'll try to post a pic today!

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