Just a Dream

Just a Dream

Andy Cohen contemplates his love for luggage and the Kardashian sisters on his way to Washington, D.C.

I am so into Nelly's new song "Just a Dream" -- are you??? And good morning from Washington D.C., where I am about to spend the day in the middle of a tornado. Think about it.

It was fun having my parents in town for the weekend. Friday night we went to Danny Meyer's new Italian (Roman, actually) restaurant Maialino at the Gramercy Park Hotel. It was fantastic. Everyone was kvelling over the fig/ricotta/honey appetizer, and I loved the branzino.

Saturday we hit the streets, and I got a little overexcited by some luggage purchases at Jack Spade. Since when does luggage make me happy? How ancient am I? We also found a cool shirt at the new Gant store on Bleecker Street. They have cool stuff and are clearly modernizing their whole image with the addition of a Michael Bastien For Gant line of stuff.

Saturday night we saw The Pitmen Painters at Manhattan Theater Club. This is a brand new import from the UK written Lee Hall, who wrote Billy Elliot. Mr. Hall really excels at  stories of miners finding the arts; this play is the true story of a group of miners in the 30s who become painters. I don't know if that sounds funny or smart or moving or engaging to you, but that's exactly what the play is. We loved it. We went deep about it at Joe Allen, and then I met friends at Bar Centrale, where I ran into Promises, Promises stars Tony Goldwyn (superhot) and Kristen Chenoweth (supernicecute and superbig Bravo fan).

Sunday was very High Line and Sundayish day that ended with me on the Acela getting a ton of work done and skimming the Sunday NY Times, which  had an awesome Vows column chronicling Kelly McGillis' time swimming in a sober ladypond with her ladylover. I think I read it twice. Kelly is a survivor and a mom and a lover and a sober lady. You have to read this piece.

I was Mad Men-less last night because my hotel room doesn't get AMC (they happily get Bravo though) so I watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians for the first time. It is oddly addictive and Kim Kardashian (who I maybe haven't ever seen speak a word) seems really likeable. And Bruce Jenner's face is something along the lines of Donald Trump's hair, in that you can study it for hours. And is he drunk a lot? And some of their acting is pretty good. And why do they call their mom "Kris?" And did she really wet her pants last night on the show? Or was she acting? And someone needs to explain Kim's sisters to me; I get why I am supposed to like Kim, but can someone talk to me about the sisters?? I know they have taken over the world and are bigger than Jodie Foster at this point but someone needs to take it three steps back and explain them to me.

Tonight is a new Thintervention and if you're not watching I need to ask "why not!?"

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