Kathy vs. Sarah

Kathy vs. Sarah

Andy's still shocked by the poll results.

Happy Top Chef Day! Padma. Bikini. 10 PM ET. 

Last night Kathy Griffin shined like a superstar on Watch What Happens Live. She was as funny as I've ever seen her about everything from Mama Elsa to Michelle Bachman. Our poll asked you to choose a side between Kathy and Ms. Sarah Palin, and Palin won by two percent! The flaming liberals were stunned! It was quite a moment in the studio when we got those results. 

I'm seeing Kathy on Broadway tonight and will have more on that tomorrow... 

Yesterday I co-hosted the 10 am hour of TODAY with Hoda Kotb, who is about the most likeable person you could ever hope to meet. She's very smart and very charming.  We ate bugs, which I very much did not enjoy, and interviewed Pee Wee Herman, which I very much did enjoy. 

Here is the view from the desk right before going on-air: 


And here's me and Pee Wee: 


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