Like Mother, Like Son

Like Mother, Like Son

Andy Cohen debriefs us on this week's Watch What Happens Live.

What fun we had last night on our Watch What Happens Live Hodge Podge Collage. Jeff was in rare form, it only took 30 seconds for him to start ripping on me. I enjoy sparring with him. Mary was a fantastic guest and she and Jeff have become fast friends since meeting at Press Tour in L.A. this summer.

How hilarious that my parents made their national television debut as my mom announced the Top Chef Fan Favorite. I asked them to come on about an hour before the show, and I wish you could've seen us rehearsing their walk-on; my mom was trying to tell our director exactly how it should go. I had to tell her to stand down and let him do his thing! (I wonder where I get my controlling bossyness?).

Tiffany and Angelo were so high energy and just plain lovely. They said, for once and for all, that they DON'T think Alex stole the pea puree. So we can put that to bed, I think. Tiffany's husband was in tow, and he was as excited as she to win the 10 grand. What a nice couple. Angelo was rocking a hot pink shirt and it was unbuttoned even further than mine. He's a tall, cool dude. I can't wait to see them on All-Stars.

Everybody's talking about Just Desserts, and I can gaurantee they'll keep talking for the next eight weeks. It is that good. I've been reading some comments about Seth online, and I just want to say that it was not a happy time for him while we were filming. It was difficult for him. But, he is a super-talented pastry chef. All you have to do is listen to him talk about his food and you'll realize how passionate and intense he is. Pastry chefs have to been incredibly detail-oriented, but I am really awed by how complex his mind is when it comes to desserts. Watch him explain his dishes next week and then consider me trying to make brownies from a mix and getting super-frustrated.

On that note, I want to go get a sweet. Have a great weekend!

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