Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort

Andy Cohen attends the Harry Potter premiere (and mentions he who must not be named....)

I am careening up Sixth Avenue hurling towards Christmastown -- I mean Rock Center -- where a nutso day awaits. (Insert all of my "I can't believe it's Xmastime" musings here, I am too lazy to restate them.)

Last night was Harry Potter: Part 14 in which the kids realize they can diddle each other and things get really interesting. OK, that's only part of the story, but it's a new wrinkle that is very interesting. I loved the movie even if I didn't understand 1/4 of what they were talking about. It is scary as all hell and gorgeous to watch.

The premiere was huge, at Lincoln Center, and featured all the cast plus Lourdes Leon, who I was excited to see. She's a looker. Very Madonna 1980.  Before the film, the director brought out the cast and they're all so sweet and quite little. I am only 5'9", but I have a feeling they'd fit in my pocket.  It's pretty amazing they've been on this ride for 12 years or so, and each has grown up well and developed into seemingly adjusted people and fine actors.  How often does that happen?

After the film, we went to a dinner for Lord Voldemort himself, Ralph Feinnes, at the Palm West. It was a feast and a celebration of Ralph. I love the guy, and he is a perfect supervillian. We celebrated quite late into the evening and by the time we crossed Times Square to head home; it was completely vacant.

OK I'm at work now. Don't forget to watch Patti, Iman, and Isaac tonight.

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