Madness in the Morning

Madness in the Morning

Andy Cohen dishes on Top Chef All-Stars, Bravo's West Coast holiday party, and Harry Smith.

Good morning! And Happy Top Chef All-Stars Premiere Day!!! We have been talking about doing an All-Star season of this show for a while and the time is NOW for what we think is the most challenging, dramatic, high stakes series we have ever done. We agonized with the Magical Elves about who should go into the show and the result airs tonight at 10. This group represents a fantastically talented collage of chefs who were either Fan Favorites, went before their time, or were finalists who made it to the end only to see the title elude them.  Even if you've not seen Top Chef (or these cheftestants) before, this season is pretty gripping right from the get-go. Plus it's in NYC and Tony Bourdain joins the Judges' Table. I can't wait to hear what you think....

I woke up yesterday morning to an e-mail from Harry Smith, who'd seen me cheering on Bethenny on TV Monday night. Harry is my buddy, and more importantly something of a mentor since I was his intern 20 years ago and worked on the CBS morning show on and off from 1990 to 2000. So I e-mailed him back, went online, and read news that CBS was screwing around with their format and switching up their team. This is their right -- CBS has been gagging in the morning for as long as there have been mornings and TV.

Anyway, they are taking Harry off mornings and replacing him with a local news dude and a bunch of no names. I wish them luck, but I hope they do something great with Harry. He's the man -- smart and serious and grounded and one of an extinct species: a real newsman. How many of them are left??

I want to write a whole diatribe about the inner workings of CBS NEWS but I think it would ultimately be more trouble than it's worth.

Last night was our West Coast Bravo Holiday Party held at the Abbey, of all perfect places. (The Abbey is a famous L.A. gay bar.) We had a ton of fun and there was one of those fantastic party photo booths that blast your faces out with blinding light that makes everyone look wrinkle-free and 15 years younger. That damn photo booth (and the free flowing booze) really kicked the party into high gear. I really can't say enough about what one of these booths will do for a party. (Padma had one at her 40th, as did Kelly Ripa -- and those are both ladies with great taste.)

OK, I am heading back to NYC.... See you at Top Chef tonight!

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