Monday Morning

Monday Morning

Andy Cohen reflects on this week's pop culture events, like Saturday's SNL and the Super Bowl.

I'm sitting in the TODAY Show how green room looking at JWoww and wondering what is going on on the 46th floor in my new office. It is before 10, so I can bet that Anthony has not yet arrived and so there's just a mess of boxes of crap awaiting me. How are "we" going to unpack it all? (I'll post a video of the new office tomorrow so you can share my trauma.)

What a great Super Bowl game! I could've cared less who won, but I loved the game and the ads. My two faves were Darth Vader and the Eminem Chrysler/Detroit thing. Loved them. I thought that halftime show was the biggest piece of poop I've seen in quite awhile. I give it up to the Black Eyed Peas for actually singing in the age of lip synch, but man, the whole thing -- besides the neon people -- was just awful. I was reading tweets all night and there were hilarious ones relating to that "show."

I had a great run this morning at the gym and I alternated between watching The Early Show and Morning Joe. There's a good feature about Erica Hill in today's New York Post, and she seems to be the real deal. For the first time in a long time, I think CBS has the right woman in the morning. The rest of those white people around her are totally nondescript (though I am sure they and their families are quite lovely and pleasant). On the opposite spectrum, I really love watching Joe and Mika in the morning.That is one fresh show.

Did you see the Regis and Kelly sketch on SNL? I live for Kristen Wiig doing Kathie Lee. She is so freaking funny. I cannot handle her brilliance. Every single thing she does is perfect. She is the star of SNL. 

Also, did you see Oprah Behind the Scenes about the making of her last two "favorite things" episodes? It was awesome. I do think the "Oprah" show seems so overstaffed! What do those senior associate coordinating producers with insane titles do all day??? And what are they going to do after that show ends and they see that every other show on TV has a staff of 25 people? I wanna film that. 

I have to leave you with this clip of "Wheel of Poor-tune" from our Thursday Watch What Happens Live. It is so funny....  


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