Nude Illusions in NYC

Nude Illusions in NYC

Andy Cohen describes a Vanity Fair Oscar party run-in with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

I am back in New York and ready for a big day. I'm writing this from the Morning Joe greenroom. I love going on this show -- the total casualness of it reminds me of the vibe at WWHL. Speaking of WWHL, and we were, tonight we have our first prime time special (at 9) which is one big celebration of the Atlanta Housewives and their super-memorable Clubhouse appearances, including some stuff we've never aired on Bravo before. Then at 11, we're live for WWHL with Christy and Marysol!

I slept for pretty much my entire flight home yesterday. I was done in by that Oscar night! Did I mention yesterday that I met Tom Hanks at the Vanity Fair party and he was really nice about WWHL? Rita Wilson is a big Housewives fan and watches the Clubhouse and so I guess he -- like a lot of husbands -- gets roped in. I want that couple in the Clubhouse!

I watched Charlie Sheen on Piers Morgan last night and was shocked by what a free ride it was for Sheen. At one point Piers told him he makes perfect sense and sounds absolutely normal to him. It was like a televised handjob, and it's the first and last Sheen interview I am watching. I hope Les Moonves replaces him with John Stamos -- or anyone for that matter -- ASAP.

Today is going to be nuts -- I have to go get my head together.

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