Officially Christmastime

Officially Christmastime

Andy Cohen recounts his Thanksgiving activities in St. Louis before heading to L.A.

It must officially be Christmas. There are decorations everywhere, Mariah is 24/7 on the radio, and I am getting on a plane this morning bound for L.A. and our Bravo West Coast Holiday Celebration. Joy to the world, killas.

I still don't get the whole concept of shopping on Black Friday. To me it's the same as going to Times Square on New Years Eve. Who feels the need to be a part of that? There are bargains to be had that don't involve camping out in front of a Best Buy on Thanksgiving.

I had such a great time in St. Louis that I wish I could do it all over again. It was a lot of family time and chilling out and eating incredibly starchy foods (my body may or may not be in shock) and watching my mom harvest her crops.  Yes, she seems to be a touch addicted to Farmville. From what I can tell about that game, it -- like heroin -- grips you like a freaking VICE and doesn't let you go. Those crops need tending every few hours or the whole farm goes south. I am so happy that people keep inventing new ways for us to waste our time.

Am I one of those people?

I got back to NYC yesterday afternoon in time to have a lotta fun in the clubhouse with Mama Joyce and Kandi. We played more of the game in the web extra, which we will post shortly. I thought it was a funny game!!! After the show, my own Mama texted me and said the whole show was so dirty. I have to remember that I have mothers and farmers watching, and I can't go so blue....

OK my car is pulling up to JFK, see you in Los Angeles. 

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