Oprah and Kim

Oprah and Kim

Andy Cohen can't decide between Oprah's "Favorite Things" special or Kim Zolciak's live performance of "Google Me."

I can't decide which I enjoyed more, watching Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things (Part 1!) or watching Kim's performance of "Google Me" in the clubhouse last night. It is a sincere toss-up. 

First, Oprah. I was in Sag Harbor for the weekend and watching Lady O's audience freak out like crack babies while I was swaddled in country serenity was a perverse pleasure. MAN am I gonna MISS that show. Sorry I won't shut up about it. I gotta be me. Her gifts were great, of course, but that audience just totally freaks me out, and I know they're all deserving and fine people who are overwhelmed by the goodness of diamonds and brownie pans but it seems ... weird. 

It was crispy fall goodness out East this weekend and I spent most of it alone. I finished Mockingjay, which was a quite satisfying end to an unexpectedly awesome trilogy (thank you Suzanne Collins) and started Bill Carter's Late Night book. I also went to Sam's, Babette's, Estia, the 1770 House, and shopped around East Hampton. And I worked, which meant watching and giving notes on a bucketload of Bravo shows. 

So I returned to the city to meet Madame Zolciak in the Clubhouse for her performance and chat with wigmaster Derek J. I gotta give it up to Derek -- he was wearing suede hotpants, suede boots, a sequin sportcoat, and a turtleneck. I asked him on the aftershow why he wears heels and he said, "because I'm 5'3". GOOD ANSWER DEREK!!! "Because I'm 5'3". I love that!!!

Seconds before we went on the air, Kim realized she had gum in her mouth and nowhere to put it. As I was starting to talk I saw her throw it in her mug of tea. It was a very Kim moment. I am going to leave you with her performance....

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