'Other Desert Cities'

'Other Desert Cities'

Andy raves about the hit new play and his interview with Camille Grammer. 

I had an incredible last few days, and my oversleeping today means it's all catching up with me. The reunion in Atlanta went really well, and it was surprising how deep and emotional it got for some of the women. It was also revealing, funny, and dramatic.

I had two fantastic meetings yesterday, one in the morning in Atlanta and the other when I returned home, and I am hoping both result in huge shows for Bravo. I know that's a tease, but I just got to put it out there.  

Last night was as high-low as you can get. It started at Lincoln Center for opening night of "Other Desert Cities," the new play by Jon Robin Baitz directed by Joe Mantello which is in a word: superb. It is so smart and fresh and layered and FUNNY. So, so funny. It stars Linda Lavin, Stacy Keach, and Stockard Channing, and it's about a couple of old guard Republicans in Palm Springs (Channing and Keach), their nutty sister (Lavin) and their not-Republican kids. But it's really about family and lies and fear and secrets and shame and appearances and a whole lot more. It is really incredible, and for once the New York Times got it RIGHT in their review! (That seems to rarely happen with their theater reviews.) They called it every incredible adjective you can think of, and Mr. Brantley said the only drawback is that you have to see it five times. I can't wait to see it again.

And from that very high drama I stepped into a different kind of high (and low) drama involving family and lies and secrets and shame -- my live interview with Camille Grammer. I thought Camille did a great job, answering every damn question and dealing with every clip I played of her. 

By the way, I wore glasses because my eyes were severely dry from the winter and all the travel this week, so I knew I would have a hard time reading the prompter... AND because I was super-serious about our gripping one-on-one Frost/Nixon-type interview.

We talked about EVERYTHING on the show, and I'm going to give you some clips plus our After Show, which was really newsy in itself...


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