Pea by Puree

Pea by Puree

Andy Cohen goes deep with Alex and rest of the Top Chef D.C. cast on tonight's reunion.

For probably the last time, tonight we will get into what happened that fateful day in the kitchen of the D.C. Palm with Alex and that damn pea puree on tonight's Top Chef Reunion. Oh, and we'll reveal details about the next season of Top Chef that will make your head spin. Actually, the details won't make your head spin, but if you're a Top Chef fan I bet you will nod, or potentially turn side to side a little bit. After the reunion, it's the second episode of Just Desserts and it is dramarama. In the SECOND WEEK it is dramarama. Pastry chefs: who knew!?

We're revealing the Top Chef Fan Favorite tomorrow night on Watch What Happens Live, when I'll be joined by the two top vote getting finalists for that award. The winner gets ten grand on live TV. (Jeff Lewis and Mary Amons are also my guests). We couldn't announce the fave at the reunion, by the way, because we taped it in early August and voting had just begun so we had inconclusive results. 

Had a great day in Los Angeles yesterday that culminated with a Close Encounter of the Donna Summer Kind. The Queen of Disco looked fantastic and was a joy. A few hours later I ran into Jackie Collins at the Sunset Tower. (This is why L.A. is hilarious sometimes.) Jackie is reviewing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for TV Guide soon, and I can't wait to hear what she has to say.

So the Senate was a big-ass fillibuster yesterday. Should John McCain be my jackhole this week?  Obama has, by the way, done a whole bunch of NOTHING to eliminate this policy, so he's in the running too.

I am returning to NYC later today and I have a crapload of stuff to do before I go, so I should book. See you tomorrow.

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