Andy Cohen recounts some of less seemly moments from last night's Watch What Happens: Live.

We had a Phaedra-bration last night on our last regular episode of Watch What Happens Live of the season, featuring Phaedra and hubby Apollo. (This Thursday we premiere the incredible animated special Shep and Tiffany Watch TV: The Best of 2010, exec produced by Kathy Griffin.) 

I was so excited about the repeal of DADT on Saturday that it lifted me up for the rest of the weekend and right up to showtime last night. This is a great step for equality. Onward....

I thought that Phaedra and Apollo were a lot of fun, though I regret not getting into the timeline of their ages when meeting because it sounded like there was a missing piece to that story. I got so many questions from people asking me to ask Apollo if he was into guys at all ,and so I just went for it at the end of the show  I was not looking forward to asking that question and he seemed to not care for it one bit. Why would he?  OK so I did it ... for you ... for Christmas.

After the show a bunch of people tweeted me a pic of Phaedra's stripper acquaintance who can give himself head. It was a very disturbing shot and I refused to show my co-workers in a rare moment of sanity regarding what is appropriate and what is not in the workplace. I think I was overtaken by the holiday spirit. 

We had an active after-show with a lot more questions and laughs, so check it out....

Also here's a tour I did of the "Watch What Happens Live" set before last Thursday's show.  A lot of you have been asking what's on the shelves, so here ya go....

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