Ramotional in the Sky

Ramotional in the Sky

Andy gets emo on his flight and meets some very special ladies.


Tonight on Bravo: The Beverly Hills ladies turn up the heat, and then I will most likely explode at 11 with my guests Lisa Vanderpump, her dog Jiggy, and Nate Berkus. Whaaaaa? How much fun will that be? I mean, Jiggy will be on my lap.

What is it about airplanes that makes me so ramotional? Is it that the dry air that makes everybody's hair look perfect? Is it that our lives are hanging by a thread as we're suspended in time hurtling in a tube miles above the earth? Is it, in fact, the only quiet time in which I can think and go deep with myself?

In any case, I get super-emo in the sky, and so while on American Airlines flying from LA to NYC last night, I was feeling it when the captain announced that we had two flight attendants on the crew who'd been with AA 40 years and were one flight away from their retirement. (Today is their last flight.) So both of the gals were servicing my area, and they were lovely, and their co-workers had given them fun necklaces that lit up. And I was watching them do their thing thinking about all the time they'd spent in the sky and how they will move onto their next phase, and it was just a very sweet and melancholy sight.

I got teary, would you believe it?

I got to talking with one of them, Shelly, who was so nice and spirited. I said I bet she had a lot of stories to tell from her 40 years in the air. She said they'd started in the 70's, and that I wouldn't believe some of what she'd seen. She seemed excited to move on but sweetly focused on giving me my diet coke with a big smile. She wanted to know about the Housewives, I wanted to know about her life. We met in the middle. She gave me a cookie, I got emo.

Bob Simon from "60 Minutes" was sitting in front of me. I don't think he was emo. Robin Roberts was there too, I bet she "went there." After deplaning, Robin (though seated at the front of her plane) waited in the gate area for her producer (seated in coach). That's class, people.

Between going all teary and bleary on the retirees, I read HUNGER GAMES cover to cover. Have. You. Read. It? I am so obsessed I couldn't sleep last night.  I am freaking out. Katniss. I am in another world.

This morning I was on "Morning Joe" and had a BLAST. That is one fun show. And I got to meet Carl Bernstien. How cool is THAT?

Congratulations to my ladies in the sky. Enjoy your last day and the rest of your lives...

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