Andy Cohen goes off on everything from Tina Fey to The Office to Mad Men.

Tonight is a brand new Top Chef Just Desserts. And, it's supersized! The fact that we supersized so many episodes of this series, and early ones to boot, is a clear indication of how we feel about this show. There's a glee-inspired challenge to boot. And plenty of gayness and drama and sweet food.

I am getting inspired for Tina Fey's visit to the Bravo Clubhouse tomorrow night. I am a li'l nervous and a li'l intimidated and a lot excited.

Late last night I did some DVR catch-up and had to watch the music video that opened the new season of The Office three times. Did you see it?? I LOVE that show. I watched 10 minutes of Dancing with the Stars and was alternately bored off my face and titillated. I only care about Margaret Cho, FloHen (mildly), and Bristol (mildly), so maybe I'm in the minority about what an amazing group it is. I do think that Kurt Warner's wife is a nutball and will enjoy seeing her as much as poss.

I am getting a big pre-depression on because I can smell the end of Mad Men coming soon. I don't know when, but I am prepping myself for a crash. I think this has been way better than last season (though I thought the last few eps of last season were incredible.) I am deeply into it, I think John Hamm and John Slattery are amazing, I want to sleep with Joan (it's true), I live for Peggy, and I do recognize that Matthew Weiner is possibly a genius. And that is my rant about Mad Men.

In other news, did you know that Michael Cunningham has a new book out? I just realized it last night, and I'm thrilled. The question is whether I'll be able to wait for Mad Men to end before devouring that. And then I'll be depressed that THAT'S done. Life is tough.

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