See You in Beverly Hills!

See You in Beverly Hills!

Andy's got a Housewives double header tonight.


I think you'll enjoy what Bravo has in store tonight. The "DC Housewives" reunion is PHENOM. There are some shocking moments from the get-go; I don't think you will want to miss it, even if you didn't follow the show closely. At 10, the Beverly Hills women make their debut, and they will ALL be with me live in the Clubhouse at 11 for a little premiere party. I have no clue how we're going to fit them all in the teeny clubhouse, but we're going to just watch what happens when we do. I bet it will smell good in there.

I was pretty surprised by the DC Housewives at the taping of their reunion show a few weeks ago. They were fired up in a way that I wasn't expecting. Here's a preview of tonight's reunion:


And here's some home video I took of the ladies before we started rolling:

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