Skating with Insanity

Skating with Insanity

Andy Cohen cheers on Bethenny Frankel in person.

I don't even know WHAT to say or WHERE to begin about my night at Skating with the Stars cheering on Bethenny. I landed in L.A. in the afternoon and Bruce and I hustled to CBS TV City (my old stomping grounds) on Beverly and Fairfax for the 5 p.m. live show. The directions said not to wear jeans and to dress warmly. I wore jeans and dressed warmly.

As we walked up to the soundstage we ran into Bethenny, who was done up like a skating Minnie Mouse in harajuku pigtails and skate-y makeup and a polka dotted miniskirty thing with a red sequined belt and a Skating with the Stars robe. And skates -- she was wearing skates. And she was with her hot skating partner who is straight but in a red sequined bow tie. The whole look was so absurd; I busted a gut.

We ran into Jason as we were going in, and also spotted Robin Leach (with either an honest to goodness prostitute, or just a prostitution whore-type), David Chokachi (who I have had a crush on since Baywatch and is aging perfectly), a bunch of All My Children cast members supporting Rebecca Budig, and I don't know who else. 

Despite the chill in the studio, it was fun being in the audience of the show, and we were right on the ice. The line-up of stars, with the exception of Bethenny, is somewhat pathetic. I don't particularly care about any of them.  Sean Young fell two times and I hate to say that I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, but it was really funny. I don't know why someone falling is always a hoot to me, but it is. Sorry, but it just tickles me. She's doing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and just hits the ice; I dunno sometimes you gotta find entertainment where you can get it. (She got eliminated at the end of the show.)

I thought Bethenny did a great job, but the judges seem to hate her, or else they're scoring her really low to get more people to vote. I think it's the latter (I'm a conspiracy theorist), but I couldn't tell one way or another because their scores were pretty inconsistent. I have always really liked Johnny Weir but I didn't get his scores at all.  He gave Sean Young and her two falls higher scores than Bethenny.  And Rebecca Budig, who may or may not be a pro figure skater (she's great) got low scores from him.  If I cared more maybe I would picket or think about it some more or write a letter or something.

After the show, we drank Skinnygirl Margaritas in Bethenny's trailer and laughed at the absurdity of the whole thing.  She is hilarious, and has the funniest take on the whole experience. I hope she's keeping notes.

Gotta go do my thing in L.A.; 24 hours til the premiere of Top Chef All-Stars!!!!!!!

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