Slap Me

Slap Me

Andy Cohen enjoys a good slap every now and again. Wait, what?

Yesterday on the TODAY show with Hoda and Kathie Lee, the segment ended with KLG getting off her crazystool and coming to me as I dared her to slap me in the face. She ultimately didn't slap me, but I found myself in the odd position of maybe having some form of sexual tension with my Chardonnay-soaked friend.

What does that MEAN? I will ask Hoda tonight when she's live in the Clubhouse with me and Patti Stanger after the Bev Hills Housewives. Oh, actually I should ask PATTI, since she would have a good answer. The Millionaire Matchmaker has an answer for everything! And that's why we dig the MM.

I do think I enjoy a good slap in the face occasionally. Have you ever tried that? Have someone slap you tonight.  Just once. Hard. It might just wake you up a little bit, or make you have a revelation of some kind. Or maybe it'll just hurt and you won't ever do it again. Let me know how that goes.

May I also remind you that tonight is Part Deux of the D.C. Housewives reunion show. We get into specifics about accusations against Mary's daughter, incidents at the Black Caucus and the White House, and Lynda's feud with Tareq. It is heated and specific and tense.

Here's a preview of tonight's show!

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