Spooning Soon Yi

Spooning Soon Yi

Andy Cohen spends some time in Sag Harbor and reviews Woody Allen's latest film.

Tonight on Bravo, not only do you meet Kim Zolciak's parents, and get to see NeNe under anesthia administered by one "Dr. Whiteman," and see a baby shower LIKE NO OTHER, but ALSO it is the finale of Thintervention and you won't believe the awesome transformations revealed. 

When we last left Jackie's group, they were put to the test with six weeks of Jackie-less time to get their act in gear, on their own. Wait until you see what they did with themselves. It is emotional, and I do believe you'll see Miss Jackie Warner shed a tear or two. That doesn't seem to happen often (she's pretty tough.)

I had the best weekend in Sag Harbor. It was so snuggly, with fall leaves on the ground and (premature but perfect) roaring fires glowing bright, and deeper than deep sleeps. I felt like I was getting away with something by being there. Saturday night I saw the Woody Allen movie, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, and didn't love it, but was comforted by its Woodyness. I felt like I was spooning Soon Yi the whole time I was watching it. The truth is I don't wanna spoon Soon Yi so that's a poor train of thought. (I do quite like to spoon, though.)

Back in the city, without my buddha watching over me, I had an intensely fitful sleep last night and woke up early to cram for hosting a panel at the Branded Entertainment Summit featuring Jae Goodman from CAA, Frank Cooper from Pepsi, and my WWHL Executive Producer Michael Davies. It was a quite lively and informative discussion. (I think.)

Now I'm en route to JFK and, ultimately, sunny Los Angeles, California. Ever heard of it?? (That is dumb.) My driver seems to be taking surface streets to JFK and that is often a brilliant thing to do and sometimes it fails.  We seem to be going in circles but what do I know.

See you in L.A.!

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