The Big Easy

The Big Easy

Andy Cohen shares pics from his weekend trip to New Orleans.

I am recovering from the weekend this morning, and from last night's Watch What Happens Live with NeNe and Cynthia. On Friday I flew down to New Orleans for a very special gathering of some close friends, a celebration. There were spectacular dinners and even more amazing entertainment in the Big Easy, which is the epicenter of fun as far as I'm concerned.

I didn't get to see Barbara Marlo and the sounds of "Caught in the Act," but this poster made me nutso. What could this act BE? I kind of NEED to see it. We did go see New Orleans institution Chris Owens, who has been performing since the '60s and has the face of a Real Housewife crossed with Jocelyn Wildenstien. Wowza. The chick knows what she's doing onstage, I'll tell you that. And she artfully uses a smoke machine. Some say she's in her 70s.

I didn't go into this bar, but had to pose with this poster:


What more could a guy want??? Truly?!

We met a lot of amazing people in NOLA, and I flew home last night with a full heart. I raced to my apartment and took what Kelly Ripa would call a "Silkwood Shower" (I scrubbed away all the mess) and hightailed it to the Bravo Clubhouse for our first Sunday Funday show with NeNe and Cynthia, who looked FAB.

Those ladies gave me so much energy that I had one of the best times I can think of on a Sunday night. I'm looking forward to many more Sunday shows -- we have some sensational guests coming up. Next Sunday it's Molly Shannon and Kristen Chenoweth. WOW. 

Here's the hilarious game we played last night, called Dwheelbreaker!

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