The Man with the Velvet Voice

The Man with the Velvet Voice

Andy Cohen, like the rest of the county, is obsessed with the YouTube sensation.

That is one sweet story -- that thing about the homeless velvet-voiced YouTube sensation who is now America's hero because of his smooth radio voice. I just saw him on TODAY and fell in love with him. Is he seeing anybody!? Oh wait, I really actually do NOT want to date the fella. 

I landed late last night, was up first thing this morning, and am writing this in the greenroom of Morning Joe waiting to go on.... I need some of that there fresh Starbucks coffee!

People are PISSED about the judges' decision on last night's episode of Top Chef. I urge you to go read their blogs because I am sure they fill in the blanks a little more.... Someone tweeted me last night saying the show was rigged because so many favorites have gone home. I said, "Why would they send favorites home if it was rigged?" Would it be rigged to piss off everybody. Anyway, it is not rigged and they are all favorites, is the thing! So every elimination is a buzzkill. 

I wonder if you saw Anderson Cooper's amazing commentary about the Beverly Hills Housewives last night on 360. I am sure it'll be everywhere online today and I'll try to show a clip of it on Watch What Happens: Live tonight. It's our first show of the new year and Bethenny is back! How fun will THAT be? (Answer: very!)

OK I am going to study up on our crying Speaker of the House before I make a fool of myself on MSNBC. See you tonight at 11!

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